How does iReveal work?

How does iReveal work?

Once iReveal is installed in any Windows Server device in the network,it starts gathering information from all the devices through the Standard network protocols like WMI for Windows Event Monitoring and SNMP for the rest of the monitoring and accumulates the Syslogs through Firewall for System Integration and Event Management(SIEM). The accumulated large amount of raw data in the repository are further looked-up by iReveal and converted into meaningful data and graphs and displayed in the iReveal Dashboard. This accumulation gets refreshed frequently to provide a seamless health status of your network.



Auto-Discover and scan any device in just a click and drill down your monitoring to every corner of your network.

Ticketing Mechanism:

Designed to generate tickets on diagnosing any alerts and can quickly be integrated to any Ticketing mechanism existing or new.


Expand your network to the growing needs of your business without any obstacles, as iReveal is programmed for its scalability with any network size


Make your Root cause Analysis much quicker and simpler with our iReveal System Information and Event Management

Compatible on any device:

iReveal makes it easy for you to monitor from any device from a laptop to a smart phone.

Open API:

Whatever be your network monitoring requirement, our product is flexible to your needs.

Host authorization:

Quickly pick out the unauthorized devices in your network, right in few minutes, from when you integrate iReveal into your network.

Active Directory:

Monitor the working of your Active Directories and have a complete control of all your User Informations like Logged in Users, Locked-Out Users, Disabled Users along with reports on their Passwords, User Groups and Organizational Units.



Monitor any infrastructure, any heterogeneous environment, any device; iReveal will help you to monitor the health of your network uninterruptedly and pro-actively. Simultaneously monitor your Servers, Active Directory, Database, Firewall, Switch, Router, Virtual Devices, Cloud and Desktops all at one screen with iReveal. Trigger a ticket just on click to escalate any unexpected working. Do you have an existing ticketing mechanism?, iReveal can even get integrated for perfect monitoring.

Custom Dashboard

Custom Dashboard:

Enables you to see a graphical representation of the progress of all the devices in your network. This allows generating interactive charts about traffic analysis, bandwidth usage of devices, CPU Usage, performance trends memory consumption, process and services information.

The drag and drop feature makes it easy to configure your high priority reports and “Your Dashboard” tab is used to personalize the choice of reports.


Create Alerts, track their status, raise a ticket and escalate with SMS/Mails through iReveal. Your System Integration and Event Management is right at your fingertip.Be sure of your security, with alert filters being configurable at every level of your network like URL, Switch, Router, Syslog , Firewall, SNMP Trap and some more.


“Generate Report” allows you to fetch any report based on your choice of device and the attribute for monitoring. Schedule any number of reports to suit your business needs and secure your network round the clock with iReveal.


Auto-Discover all the devices or manually configure devices or group devices in your network which require similar monitoring schemes at your ease. Apart from devices even Web Services and URLS, once saved with their action methods, can be monitored to perform a predictive analysis.

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