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FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

FAQ categories:

1. Where can I get iReveal?

iReveal can be downloaded by requesting as a free 30-day trial version from the website or you can contact us for a demo and get a trial version installed at your place after the demo. You can also get a licensed version by reaching us.

2. How long does it take to complete the installation of iReveal?

It is designed for easy installation and hence takes not more than 7 minutes to 10 minutes to install.

3. How long does it take to configure my network with iReveal?

With its auto-discovery feature you can quickly scan all the devices in your network just at a click. If you wish to just add few devices then you can save time in the future by just manually adding those devices into the network. Hence configuring and setting up iReveal should not take more than 15 minutes for a sub-network.

4. Are there any materials available online to know about iReveal?

Installation Guide, Tour videos, Product sheets, case studies are all available in the website

5. What are the system requirements for installing iReveal?

  • 8GB RAM
  • 100GB Hard Disk
  • .NET Framework 4.5
  • 2.5 or above GHz Processor

6. What are the specifications for the Network in which iReveal is going to be installed?

  • SNMP configured network
  • WMI configuration for Windows Events Monitoring
  • Syslog message for Firewall Monitoring

7. How does the installation happen?

Any system which has the above said specifications can be ideal for installation. The installation can be started from any Drive which has permissions to read and write a file with the user having admin privileges. There is an Installation document which can provide a complete step-by-step explanation of the installation

8. How can I get more information for a failed installation?

All files get rolled back when installation failed. That screen has a brief reason for failure in installation.

9. How do I place my order?

You can write us through the contact details in the webpage and we shall get back to you with the further details.

10. I do not have an SNMP in my network, what do I do?

We can provide a documentation to install SNMP.

11. How do I uninstall iReveal?

  • Uninstall icon is available in the iReveal Setup Folder which on click can uninstall iReveal and all the data that go with it.
  • The same can be done through Control panel uninstall software option

12. Does iReveal save datas to be used after uninstalling?

The current version is designed to do a complete clean-up of all datas during uninstallation, but however on request we can configure it for your needs.

1. Can I trigger alerts to send E-mails?

Yes, once you create a condition for your alert , you can configure the mail-id for which the e-mail needs to be sent during the encounter of an alert. You can also additionally configure mobile numbers to send SMS.

2. What are the types of alerts possible?

Alert types are based on the network devices/actions for which you can configure an alert. So the alert types are Windows events, Windows Resources, Linux Resources, router, Switch, Firewall, Syslog, SNMP Trap, Ping and URL.

3. How do I configure an alert ?

Click on “Alerts” and move to Configure Alerts sub tab and create an alert with the relevant threshold. Check the Alerts section in the “User guide”.

4. How do I find out the cause for the severity of every attribute?

All data needed for a rootcause analysis are available at iReveal.We can supportyou by co-ordinating for an easy root cause analysis with the help of our experts

5. Is there an option to edit the threshold or actions?

Yes, we have the edit buttons in “Alert status” of Alerts left navigation.

6. In alarms screen, do I have an option to view only 'Critical' alarms?

Alarms can be prioritized as low, medium and high based on the devices which can help you to differentiate the criticality of the alarms

7. Can I set an Alert for all the Windows PC’s in my network to trigger an alert when its CPU Usage becomes more than 65%?

  • Yes , you can do it. Click on Alerts ->Configure Alerts
  • In the Alert Name give the relevant name and in Alert Type select “Windows Resource”.
  • Select the device(s) which needs to be monitored and click Next
  • Select “CPU Usage” as Windows Resource Type and give the relevant percentage in CPU Usage text box
  • Give the appropriate timing and click on next
  • Enter the mail-id to whom the e-mail should be sent with the relevant message and format and click Finish

9. How old alerts are available for checking?

Alerts as old as a month are available for review in iReveal. You can see the older alerts by selecting from the drop down in the “Criteria” field in “Alert Status” left navigation.

10. Is there an option to view much older alerts?

Viewing alerts as old as one month is possible. Our team can help with enhancements to widen your search

1. Can I check the network traffic during the working hours of the organization?

You can check by going to the “Reports” left navigation -> Generate Reports In the Reports section select “Firewall” from the drop down. In the set of inbuilt reports click in the “Generate Report” corresponding to the report named “Working Hours(10am - 7pm)”.

2. Can I save my reports or download my reports?

Saving reports have not been implemented as of now, however when you schedule a report the reports can be mailed to your mail-id from which you can save it for your later use.

3. Can I schedule my own report?

You can go to “Schedule Reports” from “Reports” left navigation and in the “Add Schedule Report” select the “Report Name” of your choice and select the corresponding Interval and click on “Save”.

4. Is there an option to create my own report?

Creating your report is not possible, however if there are any reports which are essential and has been missed out, write to us and we shall add that feature

5. How old reports can I get?

iReveal is designed for an instant look-up of your network's status and hence any older reports need to additionally configured.However through report scheduling, you can always view your older reports in mails.

1. Can I do group monitoring?

Yes, you can create a group and assign hosts under that group to be monitored in a similar fashion.

2. What does the URL monitoring do?

URL monitoring tests if the webpage is accessible or not and supports the monitoring of http and https URLS of “GET” and “POST” methods in the form submission.

3. Can different devices be put under a single group monitoring?

Yes.iReveal is designed to support heterogenous environment and scalable.Any devices of any types can be put under a group

4. What happens if I configure a device under group monitoring and again as a stand-alone device for monitoring? Will it be monitored twice?

No,all monitored device details are stored in a repository and the data get accumulated in a periodic time interval.So in this case the repository will be looked-up twice.

5. Can I add hosts to my Monitor Group?

Under “Monitor” left navigation, select “Groups” and in the groups displayed click on the “Edit” button. In the screen, drag and drop the hosts which you wish to add.

1. What are the versions of iReveal?

iReveal is a completely scalable software for any network. Hence it has only one version of it available.

2. How does the 30-day trial work?

iReveal 30-day trial can be quickly downloaded on a click from its official webpage. After the 30 day trial you can renew the package by choosing the suitable package for your organization.

3. Does the 30-day trial version have any restrictions?

There are no differences or restrictions in usage between the free-trial and the paid version.


1. Is iReveal a server application?

Yes, it is a Server Application which can be installed in any Windows machine in the Network. Our technical experts are working on a migration to Cloud

2. Where are the data in my network getting saved?

We have an Apache Solar Search Engine to help with the accumulated network data and mySQL for organising the data.Defaultly, the system where iReveal is deployed is the system used for data accumulation

3. How is the communication happening between the machine where iReveal is installed and the rest of the network?

  • SNMP defaultly for most device monitorings
  • WMI configuration for Windows Events Monitoring
  • Syslog message for Firewall Monitoring

4. Can the Database, that iReveal uses be run on a separate server to improve performance?

Yes, it can be done. During installation a few configurations can help you achieve it.

5. How are user accounts hierarchically managed?

  • Administrator - Can configure, modify and delete a host , Can add or delete a user
  • Normal User - Can view dashboard, generate reports but cannot configure any thing

6. Where are user accounts created and passwords managed?

The Admin has all privilege to create more administrators or normal Users. Follow the following steps to create users in Admin profile.

  • 1. Go to “Settings” in the left navigation
  • 2. Choose “Users” from the drop down
  • 3. In the “Users” screen click on “Add User” button

7. How frequently should the passwords be changed?

There are no restrictions to change passwords from iReveal, however it is recommended for a change once in every 90-days for security.

8. Can I automatically get reports?

You can automatically get reports to your inbox using Schedule Reports option

10. Will my software/application licenses expiry intimated by iReveal?

iReveal can help you Monitor your device statuses and intimation of licenses installed are not covered in the scope of the current version

11. What are the device types and their brands that are supported by iReveal?

Any devices like Servers, Active Directory, Database, Firewall, Switch, Router, Virtual Devices, Cloud and Desktops from all standard brands are supported by iReveal

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