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iReveal :

The complete User Friendly Dashboard which helps you to easily click and drag any report of any device into the dashboard. The reports are graphically charted to give you a quick insight just on a mouse - hover.

Product Features



Everytime you encounter an unexpected behavior of any device, you no longer need to panic. We have an alerting system in which you can configure alerts with threshold criterias and link mobile numbers and mail-ids with it. Notify the alerts on time with iReveal.



You can view all your device related information using our "Reports" feature. All reports can be quickly generated just on a click and if there are any reports to be monitored at any specified time-intervals you can schedule them accordingly.



View all the devices in your network and configure any device to iReveal. Monitor any device from anywhere at anytime and keep a tab of your networks health. Auto-discover any network and know the working of your Desktops, Servers, Web Services, Databases, Firewalls, Switches, Active Directories, Exchange Servers, Routers and Virtual Devices


Security :

Secure all the devices from iReveal and view the virus attack hosts, recent password changes, Unsuccessful logins, Unauthorized device list and a lot more to ensure the wholesome security of your network. There are many more featured monitoring available.

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